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Makita SDS-Max Floor Scraper

25th October 2016   |  Pro Tool Reviews

We recently installed a Pergo Outlast laminate floor into a bungalow home. To do so we had to remove the tile which was covering the entire living and dining rooms. Clearly, that would involve a considerable amount of demo. For the 400 square feet we were looking at, it was unthinkable that we would go at the job manually. We […] The post Makita SD... READ MORE

Husqvarna Fleet Services for Landscaping Contractors

26th October 2016   |  Pro Tool Reviews

There’s more to managing a landscaping project than just sending your crews into the field. Are they on-time? Are they sticking to the prescribed limits for noise levels and vibration? Do you have enough tools in the field or too many? A set of apps, hardware, and sensors makes up the Husqvarna Fleet Services system. It creates a unique […] The pos... READ MORE

Milwaukee Cheater Adaptable Pipe Wrench

26th October 2016   |  Pro Tool Reviews

Have you ever noticed how a little context can make a big difference? If we got caught cheating in school, we’d go straight to the principal’s office. But today if I run into a tough fitting that just won’t budge, I’m supposed to cheat. Go figure! I’m talking, of course, about the industry-first Milwaukee Cheater […] The post Milwaukee Cheater Adap... READ MORE

Yardmax Log Splitters Gas & Electric Models

26th October 2016   |  Pro Tool Reviews

Fall is arriving in most of the country and that means winter is right around the corner. It’s time to get serious about splitting your firewood and we’d rather not do that with an axe if we can help it. Yardmax is a new brand in town, formed in a joint venture with an established […] The post Yardmax Log Splitters Gas & Electric Models appeare... READ MORE

Husqvarna Silent City 2030 Urban Parks

25th October 2016   |  Pro Tool Reviews

Husqvarna’s annual Silent City 2 meeting began with an expanded vision for the future or urban parks. This vision will no doubt grow, and could include rooftops, automated maintenance, and a greater community adoption and shared “ownership”. One thing is for sure, the look of circa 2030 urban parks could be a lot different than we imagine […] The p... READ MORE

How Myths get Started

25th October 2016   |  Popular Woodworking Magazine

I’m bouncing off of Chris Schwarz’s August 25 blog post where he describes how myths can get started. I’ll leave you to read what he says, but basically Chris realized that a simple joke can lead to a myth that gets repeated everywhere and never dies. Chris is talking about the woodworking world, which is physics, so you can see it. I’m working in... READ MORE

Wendell Castle on his Creative Process

26th October 2016   |  Popular Woodworking Magazine

It will be among my enduring regrets that I didn’t arrange things to tag along on our recent visit to  Wendell Castle’s home and studio. The video team, along with American furniture scholar Oscar Fitzgerald (he was on our on-screen interviewer), spent a couple days in New York at Castle’s home and studio to film our latest “Legends” video: “Woodwo... READ MORE

Best Cordless Blower – Handheld Cordless Blower Tool Fight

26th October 2016   |  Tools In Action - Power Tools...

Tool in Action It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing colors and they are about to fall.  They will start to cover up your grass and clog up your gutters.  Now you may be in the market for a new blower either because yours is getting old or you have been hearing good things about […] The post Best Cordless Blower – Handheld Cordless Bl... READ MORE

Live Edge Maple and Turned Walnut Waterfall Coffee Table: The Turned Leg

26th October 2016   |  Popular Woodworking Magazine

The structure and design of our waterfall coffee table was really simple, with only one truly original element – the front turned leg. The other leg as well as the tabletop, is a live edge slab mitered and reconnected in a 90 degree joint that is reinforced with domino keys. Turning the Leg I began by searching for an appropriate piece of hardwood.... READ MORE

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