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10 Worst Building Materials Ever!

26th September 2016   |  The Craftsman Blog

The way we build things has come a long way over the years. Technology and innovation have helped us build taller and grander structures than we could have imagined just 75 years ago. But it has not all been rainbows and butterflies. Our race to the top has been running simultaneously with a race to the bottom. The race to find the cheapest, easies... READ MORE

2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

26th September 2016   |  Pro Tool Reviews

This year the Pro Tool Innovation Awards judges had their work cut out for them. 2016 has seen tons of tool innovation and advancements. We’ve seen products introduced that we never would have thought possible just a  few short years ago. When our judges selected the winners for the 2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards we didn’t realize just how difficu... READ MORE

Makita BO6050J Random Orbit Sander - What's the Spec & Features

26th September 2016   |  TOOLSTOP Blog

In this quick guide from Toolstop, we're looking at the BO6050J random orbit sander from Makita - SHOP HERE. It's available in 110 or 240 volt, offing your a 750-watt motor. The speed of the orbits is controlled via the variable speed dial, giving you between 1600 and 6800 revolutions per minute. Power is controlled by the sliding switch which you... READ MORE

Cordless Power Tool LiHD Battery Cells, 18650 vs 20700

26th September 2016   |

We recently attended the Metabo media event and got our hands on the cordless 9” grinder running on their 36V LiHD which is roughly the equivalent to a 20+ amp corded power tool. No question it was the most powerful cordless tool we’ve ever used. So what’s different with LiHD technologies and how could a tool brand with such a small share of cordle... READ MORE

Going Digital

26th September 2016   |  Popular Woodworking Magazine

How I Started in Digital Woodworking I had a long career as a designer. Long enough that I started out using traditional design tools, techniques and methods. So, when digital tools for designers first became available in the early 80’s, I jumped in. Even though the first design and publishing software programs were pretty basic, they helped me get... READ MORE

Why We’re Moving

25th September 2016   |  The Wood Whisperer

For the last few months I’ve been dropping hints about an impending move to Colorado. Recently the hints have become overt statements and if all goes well, we’ll officially be in Colorado before Thanksgiving. Because I seem to get the same questions via email daily and during my Friday Live sessions, I thought I’d write up some answers here on the... READ MORE

Milwaukee WorkSkin Shirt – Keep Warm and Dry

26th September 2016   |  Tools In Action - Power Tools...

Tool in Action I have to admit that when we went to the Milwaukee Tool Media event, I was excited about seeing all the new tools.  While I was extremely impressed with everything, I was most excited about the Milwaukee WorkSkin shirt.  I know, it’s a little weird, but I have my reasons.  Now while I don’t do […] The post Milwaukee WorkSkin Shirt –... READ MORE

4 Tips on How to Fit Hinges to a Door

26th September 2016   |  TOOLSTOP Blog

how to fit hinges to a door using a drill driver in 4 easy steps.This is part of our "How To..." series, and you can read our "How to Fit D Handles and a Push Plate to a Door" here. We've already used a router to cut the checks into our door for the hinges, you can see this process on Toolstop TV here. The process described can be applied to any ro... READ MORE

Special Guest on MakerCast

25th September 2016   |  American Craftsman Workshop

MakerCast is one of my favorite podcasts. I love hearing of the journey and background stories of other craftsmen and makers.I think one of the great things about MakerCast, is that Jon Berard covers such a broad scope of craftsmen, so there is something for everyone. If you listen to just a few episodes, I think you will find that as different as... READ MORE

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